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 Flex Guard
The reason to use Flex Guard is simple. It reduces parts damage as much as 50% for only a few cents per application. Slips quickly over parts to protect them against damage from abrasion, nicks, scratches, and breakage. Use it to cut costs by cushioning machined parts during the manufacturing process, inventory storage, and shipping to customers. Available in sizes from 1/4" to 9" in diameter. In Addition to Flex Guard, the following protection products can be ordered. Edge protectors-Vinyl caps-Vinyl plugs-Pull plugs-Side tab pull plugs-Tapered caps and plugs-End caps-Tear tab-Flange protectors-Sheet metal plugs-Pipe Protection caps-Push in plugs.

Ordinance Wrap
This medium duty protective wrap is greaseproof, waterproof, non-corrosive, moldable, and self adhering. Resistant to delamination due to extreme weather conditions. Has wax on BOTH sides. Available in roll of 36"x 100 yds.

Cellulose Wadding
Durable cellulose wadding economically wraps fragile items of any shape and fill in void areas to protect items from damage during transport. This versatile, soft kraft paper has a cushioned construction that secures wrapped items for maximum protection. Multiple layers of lightweight wadding create a thick cushion that absorbs oil, water and other liquids. This non-abrasive protection paper won't scratch items. Wadding is reusable and recyclable. Available in rolls  3/8 " x 20" x 165', with two rolls per case.

Foam Peanuts
Get packing protection for peanuts. Foam peanut shaped loose fill packing material provides excellent cushioning. Made of expanded polystyrene, it is light-weight, non dusting, odorless, clean, and non-toxic. Foam peanuts flows easily around and over your product to provide superior, safe, sensible protection.


Flex Guard Protective Netting -- 1/2" to 9" diameters Brown Kraft Paper -- 18" to 60"- 30#, 40#, 60#
Ordinance Wrap -- 36" x 100 yds Cellulose Wadding -- 3/8" x 20" x 165'
Foam Peanuts Plastic Sheeting -- 10' x 100' rolls   4 mil to 6 mil, Clear & Black