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Corrugated  Bin Boxes and Dividers
Five Panel Folders Wardrobe
Tuck Top Mailers Mattress
Vari-Depth Folders Mirror
Corrugated Sheets Corrugated Rolls


Used for organized storage of parts on standard shelf depths
--Rigid self-locking construction--Until ready for use they store flat--Assemble in seconds

Length x Width x Depth

9x4x4 1/2 12x12x4 1/2
9x6x4 1/2 18x2x4 1/2
9x8x4 1/2 18x4x4 1/2
12x2x4 1/2 18x6x4 1/2
12x4x4 1/2 18x8x4 1/2
12x6x4 1/2 18x10x4 1/2
12x8x4 1/2 18x12x 4 1/2
12x10x4 1/2  


Standard shipping carton, also excellent for long or short term storage.
Furnished flat, easy setup in seconds. 
For custom sizes and print combinations, contact us.

Length x Width x Depth

4x4x4 9x9x6 13x13x4 18x18x8
4x4x24 9x9x9 14x12x46 Golf Bag 18x18x10
4x4x36 10x6x4 14x14x4 18x18x18
4x4x48 10x8x4 14x14x7 18x18x27 Dishpack
5x5x3   10x10x4 14x14x9 20x6x6
5x5x4 10x10x5 14x14x10 20x8x8
5x5x5 10x10x8 14x14x14 20x20x6
6x4x4 10x10x10 14x14x18 20x20x12
6x6x2 10x10x10
Double Wall
15x12x4 20x20x20
6x6x3 12x4x4    15x12x10 21x8x8
6x6x4 12x6x4 15x15x4 22x12x12
6x6x6 12x6x6 15x15x15 23x16x19
6x6x36 12x8x4 15x15x20 24x6x6
6x6x48 12x9x4 15x15x30 24x8x8
7x7x4  12x9x7 16x8x8 24x10x10
7x7x5 12x9x9 16x12x12 24x12x6
7x7x7 12x12x4 16x16x4 24x12x12
8x6x4  12x12x5 16x16x10 24x14x14 3/8
8x8x4 12x12x6 16x16x16 24x18x10
8x8x5 12x12x9 18x6x6  24x24x7
8x8x7 12x121x2 18x10x10 24x24x12
8x8x8 12x12x12
Double Wall
18x12x6 24x24x24
8x8x17 12x12x30 18x12x12 25x15x12
9x6x6 13x8 5/8x8 18x18x4 26x15x3
9x9x4 13x9x4 3/4 18x18x6 29x17x12
30x24x12 32x10x6 36x6x6 36x12x12
 41 1/8 x 28 1/8 x 24 1/2 E Container Pallet Box

*** All rolls are 250' ***
Excellent for wrapping boxes, parts, or for layering- A natural void fill-
-Corrugated flutes create a shock-absorbing cushion around packaged items to reduce the chance of damage or shattering.

4" Wide 24" Wide
9" Wide 36" Wide
12" Wide 48" Wide
16" Wide 60" Wide
18" Wide 72" Wide


Ready for picture packing, envelope stiffeners or layer pads in many of our stock containers.
Provides maximum protection when shipping fragile breakable items.
Can be used as protective layering between contents to evenly disperse weight.

36"x48" 48"x96"


Ideal for mailing rolled material such as Blueprints, Posters, Calendars or Charts
-Self-locking ends provide easy opening and closing. Furnished flat.

Length x Width x Depth

2x2x12 1/4 3x3x12 1/4
2x2x18 1/4 3x3x18 1/4
2x2x25 1/4 3x3x25 1/4
2 1/2x2 1/2x12 1/4 3 1/2x3 1/2x18 1/4
2 1/2x2 1/2x18 1/4 3 1/2x3 1/2x25 1/4
2 1/2x2 1/2x25 1/4  


Perfect for shipping and mailing, shelf display or storage.
Furnished flat-rigid self-locking design sets up in seconds.

Length x Width x Depth

3x3x2 6x6x3
3x3x3 7x4x3
4x3x3 7 1/2x7 1/2x3 1/4
4x4x2 8x4x3
 4x4x3 8x5x3
5x3x3 9 1/2x8x2 1/2
5x5x3 11 1/4x8 3/4x2 1/8
6x4x2 12 1/4x9 1/4x3
6x4x3 13x10x2


Veri-depth folders are scored at 1/2 inch intervals.
These boxes may be folded to any of a range of depths indicated.
Ideal for shipping and mailing books, stationery, photos, binders, records, or disks.
Furnished flat-set up and seal in seconds with tape or glue.
Vari-depth Folders keep inventory of sizes to a minimum.

Length x Width x Depth

6 1/2x6 1/2x1/2-2 11 1/4x8 3/4x1/2-2
7 1/2x5x1/2-2 12 1/2x12 1/2x1/2-2
8 1/2x6x1/2-2 14x14x1/2-2
8 1/2x8 1/16x1/2-2 16x12x1/2-2
 10 1/4x10 1/4x1/2-2 17 3/4x14 1/2x1/2-2